Dietmar Wehr

Dietmar Wehr I’m a Canadian author living near Niagara Falls, Ontario. Writing military SF, Space Opera and Technothrillers is my 2nd career. My first career was in corporate financial planning. I started writing professionally at age 57. I’ve written 29 novels and three short stories. My latest book is vol. 2 in my Phoenix Empire […]


D.B. Goodin My name is David Goodin, and I write under the pen name D. B. Goodin. While I primarily write in Cyberpunk and Science Fiction. I also write YA, Dystopian, and Technothriller genres. I’m currently finishing Catalyst of Pain, Book 3 in the Cyber Hunter Origins series. I’m originally from Los Angeles, but I […]

Kerry Boytzun

Kerry Boytzun I’m an outside the box NLP behavioral analyst that wrote the novel,  Descendants of Atlantis, an allegory of the human condition of which humankind blames its greedy, power-hungry nature as the culprit. But evidence points to a more sinister source. In this book series, the central concept is what if the descendants of […]

Jacqueline M Druga

Jacqueline M Druga I started writing when I was ten. Then moved on to Sci fi romance novellas when I was a teen. It wasn’t until I was well into my adulthood when I started writing seriously. I have always been obsessed with the apocalypse genre. It had a lot to do with actor Charlton, […]

William Louis (W.L.) Patenaude

William Louis (W.L.) Patenaude W.L. (Bill) Patenaude of West Warwick, Rhode Island, is a mechanical engineer and holds a Master of Arts in theology. He is a 33-year employee with Rhode Island’s Department of Environmental Management and has been speaking and writing about the intersection of faith and ecology since 2004. In 2018, Bill published […]

Mark Gillespie

Mark Gillespie My name is Mark Gillespie and I’m an indie author from Glasgow, Scotland, now living in New Zealand. I’m a former professional musician and I turned to writing in my thirties. Now I write mostly thriller/horror but have a large back catalogue of post-apocalyptic and dystopian fiction. website: FB author page: @markgillespieswritingstuff […]

Christopher Coates

Christopher Coates I grew up in Cape Cod Massachusetts and moved to Michigan to attend Davenport University’s Paramedic school. I reside in Kent City, Michigan with my wife of 30 years. We have a son in college and an adult daughter who graduated college and lives out of town. I am a retired Firefighter/Paramedic who […]

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