Mark Gillespie

Mark Gillespie My name is Mark Gillespie and I’m an indie author from Glasgow, Scotland, now living in New Zealand. I’m a former professional musician and I turned to writing in my thirties. Now I write mostly thriller/horror but have a large back catalogue of post-apocalyptic and dystopian fiction. website: FB author page: @markgillespieswritingstuff […]

Christopher Coates

Christopher Coates I grew up in Cape Cod Massachusetts and moved to Michigan to attend Davenport University’s Paramedic school. I reside in Kent City, Michigan with my wife of 30 years. We have a son in college and an adult daughter who graduated college and lives out of town. I am a retired Firefighter/Paramedic who […]

Edwin H Rydberg

Edwin H Rydberg Hi, I’m Edwin H Rydberg. I’m a Canadian ex-pat now living in Yorkshire, UK. I write near and far future science fiction as well as YA and children’s books. If you like action-filled science fiction, check out my latest: Game, Set, Deathmatch. Website: FB Author page: @AlternateFuturesUK Please share on your […]

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