Christopher Coates

I grew up in Cape Cod Massachusetts and moved to Michigan to attend Davenport University’s Paramedic school. I reside in Kent City, Michigan with my wife of 30 years. We have a son in college and an adult daughter who graduated college and lives out of town.

I am a retired Firefighter/Paramedic who works full time in Information Systems for a major West Michigan company.

In my off time, I enjoy traveling to unique places, family time, and my 2 dogs who keep life fun.

My Books are:

  • The Ark – Sci-Fi Adventure
  • The Anvil – sequel to The Ark
  • Alternate Purpose, Sci-Fi time travel
  • The Resurrection Wager- Christian Sci-Fi, time travel

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How long have you been writing for and how much of that time have you spent writing fiction?

I have been writing for about 12 years. All of that has been novel length fiction.

What’s the average word count for the books you write and how long does it take you to write your average book?

They average about 75K words. Books take about 2 years each.

What is your writing routine (Do you have a daily word count goal? Do you write whenever the spirit moves you?)

Writing is a hobby so I keep it enjoyable and write when I have time .

How much do you research for a book before you start writing?

I research during the writing process.

What do you find most difficult about writing a book?


Which of your books are you most proud of and why?

The Ark. It is the first thing I ever wrote.

Which of your books was the most difficult to write and why?

The Resurrections Wager. This book is Christian fiction so I was bound to stay true to scripture. this prevented me from taking the story in unplanned directions.

Which self-publishing platform do you like the most and why?

I have used KDP through Amazon.

Would you publish with a traditional publisher if they contacted you? Why?

I recently moved from self published to a traditional publisher

How many unfinished or unpublished works do you have?

I am working on a new story called, “The Assassin Awakens”

Do you prefer creating stand-alone books or series?


Do you find it challenging to write characters of a different gender, race, or culture than you? Do you do any special research for these characters?

I try to include most races in my books. Language dialects are difficult

What does success as a writer look like for you?

Walking into a book store and seeing my book on the shelf

Writing can be a lonely job. Do you take any special steps to ensure you remain part of the world?


Constantly sitting and writing can be physically debilitating. How do you take care of yourself, physically?

That’s difficult. For my full time job. I am in my home office on the computer. After work it is sometimes difficult to continue staying on the computer to write.

Do you read your reviews? How do you deal with bad ones?

I can’t please everyone. As long as most are positive, I’m Okay.

Do you plot your stories in great detail before starting to write, or fly by the seat of your pants?

Everything is by the seat of my pants. That keeps writing fun. I will often sit to write about the next chapter with nothing more than an idea, (the funeral). When I am done I have a full chapter and am often surprised at where the story line changes.

Of all the characters in your stories, which is your favourite?

General Marcus Quimby from Alternate Purpose.

Have you based any characters on real people? If they found out, how did they respond?

No, but the names of my dogs are in every book. They don’t seem to mind.

What’s the best thing about being an independent author? The worst?

You have to choose between writing and marketing. There isn’t time for both.

Do you make a living selling your books?

Not even close

What advice would you give to a new author?

Never quit.

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